To honor the women of Logan Aluminum during Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we are highlighting the amazing women in manufacturing that continue to make Logan the leading manufacturer of aluminum can sheet in North America!

PENNY EPLEY, Industrial Hygienist, Safety
“Penny’s personality and experience exert a stabilizing influence upon the team (and me personally!). She’s seen it all through the years,” says a colleague.
Penny was hired at Logan in 1983 after the construction of the facility and was responsible for supporting the prototype environmental controls for our Cold Mill as well as getting the air and water permits for Logan. Her work continues to evolve and with a whole-hearted commitment to safety.

Steph Rayno, Systems Analyst, IS
Steph joined Logan Aluminum after her 9-year service with the Army. She is building her career at Logan, rolling out innovative user technology, including a Logan Traffic BOT!
Words of wisdom from Steph:
“Don’t get caught up with what you don’t know, and understand that everybody’s had a first day…It’s not a comparison or a race. You’re on your own path. You just have to work hard and get competent in the skills that you need to do the job that you are assigned today, and that knowledge will build over the years.”
TENEODA YARBOROUGH, Safety Coordinator, DC4
She’s determined, confident and committed to the safety of her teammates at work and after-hours. Teneoda has been with Logan Aluminum for 15 years, beginning her career in Remelt and was part of the Core 8 Team to support a new Cold Mill expansion, DC4 where she presently works. When asked to describe career growth at Logan, Teneoda says, “Logan will build you up. They will give you the tools and resources to do whatever you want to do at Logan. If you want to excel at Logan, you are given the opportunity to do so. ‘YOU’ make who you want to be at Logan.”
One would believe that being at Logan Aluminum for 30 years means that you have witnessed a lot of growth and success. This is definitely true for DONNA PHILLIPS who started her career at Logan, in 1990. She is an “OG,” Original Gold Team member for the Hot Mill who inspires her teammates.
Her Team leader shares, “Donna is one who always has a “Role Model” attitude. She is one of the strong leaders within her team who can always be counted on to stand up for the right thing. She is one who is highly respected across the entire HM organization. She has an awesome attitude, and it rubs off on others around her. Even during times of adversity, she still keeps smiling and laughing…She is one of Logan’s finest employees!!!”
Debbie has been with Logan before even any of the equipment was installed on our plant, 38 years ago! Debbie is too humble to accept any credit, but she’s been making an impact on numerous team members throughout the years, from new hires to Logan leaders!
A few words of wisdom from this incredible lady: “[Y]ou do the best you can do, and that’s all anybody can ask…You find your limits, but YOU find them first, don’t let people put them on you.”
Throughout her career, Kimberly has shown the tenacity and drive to be the best at the job she is given – mother, grandmother, team leader. Kimberly has been with Logan for 9 years and she has experienced impressive growth and success, investing in both the development of her teammates and herself!
“I have gotten to work with Kim as an operator, continuous improvement specialist, and as a team leader. No matter which position Kim was in at the time, she always ensure she was a part of the team who worked safely, produced a quality, and low cost product. Over the last 2 years working with Kim as a team leader…I admire her commitment and compassion to help anyone succeed at Logan.” ~ Jonathan Herndon, former Remelt Manager, current Hot Mill CIP Manager
Kelley has had an >33 year tenure at Logan. She’s worked in our Technical, HR, Remelt units and is a witness and contributor to the technological evolution of our company – from manual data entry to automated payroll, to helping organize our initial intranet to working with the instant-retrieval and analysis system we have now.
What Pam thought was going to be a temporary, two-week assignment turned into a 37-year long career! She began her career in IS, and she’s completed a number of projects during her 25 years in that department, that have built the foundations to the IS program we have today, including our original phone system! Now she plays a crucial role of ensuring the Plant Manager has the support he needs to do his job well.