Employee Wellbeing

Logan Aluminum believes in focusing on the entire wellbeing of the employee. To that end, we ensure the educational and occupational wellbeing of our employees through training, development, team building and leadership programs. Logan Aluminum also provides numerous initiatives to assist employees and their families with physical, mental, social and financial health. We believe that employee wellbeing is about creating an environment that supports the complete health of the employee where they are and focuses on the individual needs of each person. This belief drives employee engagement and allows Logan to create opportunities to empower employees and drive deeper relationships and overall happiness at the workplace and at home.


At Logan, wellness is for families, not just employees! Our approach is to engage our employees by creating self-managed, participative and education programs that benefits both the business and our Logan families. These customized programs include personalized wellness programs, health coaching, education, screenings and much more.


At Logan, we not only train our employees for their job, but also to redesign work. We accomplish this with a structured Corporate University, and through a variety of learning and development programs offered on-site, off-site and online.


The Logan Employee Development program is a Logan designed training system to enhance skills required for employees to perform their jobs and to increase their overall skills and abilities to function effectively in a high-performance work system. The LED program is structured as a Corporate University with all employees receiving an established curriculum. The course topics cover the following main areas:

  • Technical
  • Safety
  • Logan Management Paradigm
  • Wellness


Logan Aluminum has a long history and commitment to the internal development and promotion of team members into leadership roles. Over the years, we have created leadership development programs that focus on Leading Self, Leading Self and Others and Leading the Organization. Logan provides internal training programs for initial leadership development and reaches outside the organization for higher level leadership education.

  • The Logan Development Program (LDP) is designed to prepare Operating Technicians, General Technicians and Staff for leadership roles through Leading Self.
  • The Logan Leadership Program (LLP) is designed to prepare future leaders for a leadership role through Leading Self & Others.


The Logan Aluminum Maintenance Apprenticeship Program is 25 years in the making. The program is a three year program that trains employees on mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation. Internal employees are promoted into this program, and receive a two-year technical degree in addition to their on-the-job training.

Team Development

Logan Aluminum Teams participate in team building activities, team meetings, and various other team activities to enhance the team development.