Finishing Operating Technician, Courtnay Watkins, is a second-generation team member of Logan Aluminum. Before Logan Aluminum first began construction in 1981, her father, John Gatlin, collaborated with team members to build the foundation of Logan Aluminum’s team concept, culture and principles that led to an innovative way of working so productive it has been studied by Toyota, Proctor & Gamble and many more.

Originally from Huntington, Tennessee, Courtnay moved to Logan County when she was eight years old. Her father worked as Logan Aluminum plant manager and she learned, from a young age, that the career opportunities available there were outstanding.

Following in John’s footsteps, Courtnay started off as a summer intern in 1993. Afterwards, she decided to hire on as a temporary for Fluor, where she worked running the pup cooler for two years. Unsure of what direction she wanted to take in school, Courtnay hired on full time at Logan Aluminum in 1995.

Courtnay said that working at Logan with her father was helpful, yet hurtful. “The last thing I wanted was to be seen as riding on my dad’s coattail to get the job. Because of this, I was even more determined to work hard and prove myself worthy on my team”.

Courtnay said while the benefits, healthcare and pay are phenomenal at Logan, it was her team that made a huge impression on her career. She appreciated the fact that her teammates held her accountable for her actions, while offering a supportive and flexible family environment.

When asked what advice she’d give to new team members, Courtnay said, “Be in the moment! Take any advice and constructive criticism from your teammates with a grain of salt and run with it”.

She will be starting a new position in the next few months as a Mill Scheduler. She’s excited about the new challenge and feels privileged to have the opportunity to continue advancing in her career at Logan Aluminum.