Matt Long began his career at Logan Aluminum in December of 2018 in Pack and Ship in Finishing. For the past five years, Matt said that he has grown professionally by learning how to handle multiple tasks, prioritizing and compartmentalizing, in the different roles on the Pack 4 team.

On the pack line, Matt and his team take the finished coils from the slitters, Level Clean Line, and sometimes coating line. They also service pack line, as well. They take all the finished metal in the plant and pack it by pack code, which tells them what it needs, such as if it needs a spacer, or if it needs to be wrapped. His team is one of the last lines of defense for Logan, as they also check to make sure the coil isn’t damaged.

Once confirmed the coil is ready, they place cardboard over the coils to allow them to stage them in finished goods. Each coil is given a case number in their system, telling the team where it’s located at in the row, before they build the loads for transport by either truck or train. On top of running the packing line, Matt’s team also runs both docks in Finishing.

Matt said that he and his team share a family dynamic. During his time on the team, he said there have been several life events and challenges they’ve faced together, and everyone has always been there for each other.  In their interview process, Matt said it’s that dynamic that they keep in mind when hiring a potential team member. His team looks for an individual with a go-getter work ethic and a personality that they believe would be a good fit.

“Logan isn’t for everyone—you definitely need to know this is what you want to do for a career,” Matt said. “When you come here, you’re making a commitment to quality, excellence, and safety.”

Outside of Logan, Matt works as a talented filmmaker. Matt began filmmaking in 2004 and, since that time, has made informational videos for businesses, local TV commercials, created visual effects for feature films, and made several award-winning short films.

“When I’m not camping or out on the boat with my family, I’m usually caught up in my hobby: filmmaking. I write, direct, shoot, edit, do my own Visual FX and sometimes, I even do a little acting,” said Matt Long.

In 2013, one of his short films took him to Hollywood. In 2018, his first feature film, “The Red Resurrection”, went on to win several awards in film festivals before being released nationwide in 2019. Matt’s most recent short film, “Paleface”, was released in August of 2022.

Matt and his wife, Jessica, live in the Hopkins County area with their two daughters, Zoe and Izabel.