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MARCH 18, 2020


Contact: Mike Buckentin, President

Office: (270) 755-6400

Email: Mike.Buckentin@Logan-Aluminum.com



The way companies are conducting business is changing as the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 rapidly evolve. Logan Aluminum has been keeping up with information from appropriate sources, assessing risks, and have implemented adjustments to our business with the specific outcome of keeping our employees, our families, and our communities safe and healthy. To date, we have had no employee health and safety issues or business disruptions as a result of COVID-19.

Among other precautions as advised by the CDC, we believe that “social distancing” is critical to prevention. All business units are aligned in this belief and are working with employees to exercise every sensible precaution.

What we’re doing:

  • We’ve cancelled all non-critical business travel (to/from the plant)
  • All non-critical in-person business meetings are cancelled and we are encouraging the use of technology channels to virtualize communication between team members
  • All truck drivers and delivery personnel are being screened at our gates
  • Where possible, we’ve instituted flexible scheduling of Logan employees including allowing employees to work remotely from a home office
  • We are also making it easier for employees to take the time they need to take care of themselves and their families
  • We are working with our Medical and Safety teams to encourage rigorous cleaning and healthy hygiene practices, including self-monitoring

During this time, communication and transparency is key. We are regularly updating our employees with relevant information as they become available. Leaders of Logan Aluminum will be in constant communication so we may adapt quickly as things continue to develop. All decisions are made to ensure the highest level of safety and to continue excellent business practices.

Finally, we recognize it is a challenging time for all. Logan Aluminum is deeply committed to providing leadership in our community, to inspire confidence and transparency; and compassion and service where it is needed.