The Caleb Slaton Scholarship was established at Western Kentucky University in 2002 in memory of a Logan team member’s son. Caleb was an outgoing 11-year-old athlete who tragically lost his life in a Little League baseball game in spring of that year.

Logan Aluminum’s commitment to the education and growth of its workforce is reflected through the development of the scholarship, available to children of Logan Aluminum team members attending Western Kentucky University full-time.

The integration of industry and education has been a longstanding focus of Logan Aluminum, with efforts dedicated to ensuring students are learning real-world applications of what they study in the classroom.

In the past decade, Logan Aluminum and Western Kentucky University have built a strong partnership to solidify these efforts in our local communities through our investment in the WKU Industrial Partnership with the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Through this partnership, students have the opportunity to attend networking events where they can interact with companies and gain real-world experience.

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Caleb Slaton Scholarship Recipients:

  • Wesley Holman, Logan County High School Junior.
  • Shelby Gettings, Logan County High School Senior.
  • Jennifer Wilkerson, Russellville High School Junior.
  • Abram Tingle, Pulaski County High School Sophmore.
  • Kevin Sancheznarvaez, South Warren High School Sophmore.
  • Omar Mansour, South Warren High School Sophmore.
  • Keely McKnight, Danville High School Junior.
  • Evan Brittenham, Greenwood High School Senior.
  • Hsaw Reh, Warren Central High School Senior.