Keenan Brown is a Quality Specialist in Finishing and recently celebrated eight years with Logan Aluminum. Keenan completed his Bachelors in Earth Science from Western Kentucky University when he first started as an Operating Technician in 2014. He said that he decided to pursue a career with Logan because he felt comfortable with the culture before he even started. His father, Mike Brown, retired from Logan this year and taught Keenan the principles and expectations from an early age

Keenan and his wife, Heather, have three children—Nolan, Rowen and Mattie. He says that providing for his family is his main motivation to give his best and advance

in his career. Keenan chose to begin his career with Logan Aluminum because he knew that it offered a challenging, yet rewarding, career with stability with opportunities for advancement.

After working as a Process Technician for two years, Keenan has started a new role as a Quality Specialist. From the beginning of his career with Logan, Keenan has had advancement in mind. The possibility of eventually being a team leader has motivated him to give his best and take on challenges outside his comfort zone. Keenan said that his motto is to never turn down opportunities. Say yes to new challenges, exceed expectations and put yourself in positions where you’re not comfortable.

During his time working here, Keenan has realized there is a wealth of knowledge available, if you just ask questions and show that you want to learn.  “All of the tools are available for success if you want to excel out here”, Keenan said. “The main thing that separates Logan Aluminum from other places is how well they take care of their team members. Logan has pride in their people and offers standards and principles like no other. They don’t just say it—they show it”.