Logan Aluminum has partnered with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce to help minimize the waste going into our landfills as their official Water Sponsor.
This sponsorship allows the Chamber to purchase aluminum canned water, instead of plastic, for guests that come into the Chamber for meetings and events. The aluminum cans can be easily recycled with the new service set up through Recyclops.

“Logan Aluminum is pleased to be a leader in recycling throughout Russellville, Bowling Green, and all of the Commonwealth. Our efforts are directed towards a reduction in landfill waste as well as lower greenhouse gases, a product of carbon fuel combustion. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and can be remelted and back on the shelves within 60 days, reducing carbon emissions. After enjoying your favorite drink in an aluminum packaged beverage product, we challenge you to help Close the Loop with recycling to help us work towards a sustainable future for our community and environment,” said Mike Buckentin, President of Logan Aluminum.