Logan Aluminum, in partnership with Logan County schools, is working to create a sustainable future for our community by Closing the Loop with recycling.

Our partnership involves the establishment of recycling programs within local elementary schools, complete with designated recycling bins, educational signage, and pickup schedule to return collected cans to Logan to be recycled. Students are actively involved in the process, from sorting recyclables to participating in awareness campaigns within the school and local community.

“We recognize that to meet the demand for aluminum in our growth industry and to protect and sustain our environment, Logan Aluminum needs to promote aluminum recycling at every level.  By raising awareness and providing tools to our children, we can recover this valuable resource,” said Logan Aluminum Environmental Engineer, Laura Haury. “Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and it’s our goal to keep every can out of the landfill, so bring your aluminum recycling to your local elementary school, or back to Logan Aluminum.  It will be back on the shelves in 60 days as every can counts!”

Third grade students from Lewisburg Elementary School are competing in the “Million Cans Recycling Challenge”, inspired by the book, The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans. The challenge, developed by the Can Manufacturing Institute  and Scrap University Kids, encourages recycling among elementary school students. Logan Aluminum visited the 3rd grade class on Friday, February 23rd to talk more about the Life Cycle of a Recycled Can and what happens when their cans return to Logan Aluminum.

Lewisburg is one of nine schools in eight states chosen to compete in the challenge, which runs until May 2024. In addition to money from the sale of the UBCs to the scrap yard, CMI is contributing $12,000 in prizes and bonuses.  Any participating school that collects at least 20,000 UBCs, for example, will earn a $500 bonus. The school that collects the most cans per student by the end of the year will receive $3,000. The runner-up and third-place schools will receive $1,000 and $500 respectively.

Together, with our local schools, we aim to instill lifelong recycling habits that benefit both the environment and future generations!