Blake Gettings began his career at Logan Aluminum in August of 2017 as an Operating Technician in DC4 Melt Bay, where he worked for a year before being promoted to the Raw Materials team. During this time, Blake and his team managed inventories and receipts throughout DC4, Recycling, and Remelt areas. In spring of this year, he was promoted to the Metal Planning team in Supply Chain, where he handles the material flow throughout the plant.

Growing up in Logan County, Blake learned about the stability and opportunities available at Logan Aluminum from a young age. His dad, Gary Gettings, is a Team Leader in Procurement and has been with Logan for twenty-five years. His mom, Kimberly Fowler, is a Team Leader in Remelt and has been with Logan for eleven years.

Unsure of what he wanted to pursue while studying at Western Kentucky University, Blake decided to apply for a position at Logan. He said that he knew what Logan had done for his family and the opportunities there to help him set up a better life.

Blake said that the team members at Logan feels like a big family. “The support you get from the people at Logan is almost overwhelming. There’s so many people willing to give you the shirt off their back. It could be someone I’ve worked with for five years, or someone I’ve worked with for three months. I’ve yet to meet anyone who was unwilling to give advice or help me with anything I’ve wanted to prepare myself for success.”

Blake completed the LDP Program in 2019 and said that it provided him with a lot of different perspectives about the work force. He enjoyed working with like-minded team members in the program with similar career goals and aspirations.

“I would consider myself to be lucky to be in the situation I’m in, but I always revert to this quote— Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Logan provides many opportunities and the tools needed for preparation and I’ve yet to meet anyone unwilling to give advice or help me prepare myself for success”, Blake said. “It’s at the individual level that you have to make sure you’re utilizing those tools. Be prepared for whatever role you’re interested in and, when that opportunity arrives, you’ll be ready for it.”

To Blake, family is everything. His son, Nolan Lane Gettings, is sixteen months old and he wants to make sure he grows up surrounded by the same support system he experienced. Blake said that he now has better appreciation for the comfort and security he had as a child, thanks to Logan.

Blake enjoys doing anything involving sports and his parents share this passion. During his childhood, he and his dad attended as many sporting events as possible. His mom never missed a sporting event, and they still enjoy getting together to watch football on Sundays or attending St. Louis Cardinals baseball.