Dudley Bouldin has been an Operating Technician in CM4 for the past three years. Born and raised in Russellville, Kentucky, Dudley said that he pursued a career at Logan Aluminum because he saw first-hand what a good place it was to work. Dudley is a fourth-generation namesake. His grandfather, Dudley, who is better known as “Doodle”, retired from CM1 and his father began working at Logan in Hot Mill in 2021. Dudley and his wife, Missy, have been married for seven years and live on their family farm with their daughter, Etta Raye, and son, Dudley the 5th.

“Logan has provided a safe work environment, good wages, and excellent benefits for generations”, Dudley said. “It allows me to do what I want in my personal life and the ability to provide for my family.”

He said that the best part of working at Logan were the endless opportunities to learn and advance in your career. Currently enrolled in the LDP Program, Dudley said the first session was focused on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and developing the skills necessary to be in a leadership role.

Prior to his career at Logan, Dudley worked managing grain elevators at Perdue Agribusiness. Working at Logan, he said that it was a night and day difference from anywhere else he’s worked before.

“Your career at Logan is what you make it. They provide the tools needed to better yourself. If you put yourself in a position to succeed, there’s endless opportunities and team members that will support you,” Dudley said. “Logan always acknowledges accomplishments and celebrates everyone’s victories. It really helps build more morale and encourages comradery.” ​​​​​​​