Penny Epley was born in IdarOberstein, Germany where her father was stationed in the military.  She grew up in Murray, Kentucky, where she completed a degree from Murray State University. She has a background in occupational safety and health with a focus in industrial hygiene. After her daughter’s dad transferred to Logan County with TVA, Penny started searching for a job in this area. ​​​​​​​

When she first applied for a position thirty-eight years ago, Logan Aluminum was still Arco Metals. Mark Pitchford, one of the ER reps at the time, contacted her to set up an interview and, after five rounds of interviews, she was offered a job in Environmental. Penny worked in the environmental unit for several years before moving to ESS, where she works now as an Industrial Hygienist.

“I consider myself to be lucky to have worked with so many amazing people at Logan,” Penny said. “Most of my teammates have become really great friends. They’ve been through many of the highs and lows of my life and have always been there for me.”

Penny says that she knows that work is supposed to be serious, but she has had a lot of fun. She thinks it’s important to enjoy working with your team members because it builds and strengthens relationships and trust.

As she moves closer to the end of her career and retirement, she aspires to continue providing value and support to her team. If you ask anyone in her unit, Penny is an invaluable source of endless wisdom, advice, and support to her team.