Jordan McElwain started his career at Logan Aluminum in April of 2018. A Muhlenberg County native, he was hired as a General Technician during the construction of CM4. Jordan currently holds the PdM Coordinator position, which focuses using technology to predict equipment failure. His interest in PdM technology was initially piqued after working alongside ESM reliability.

Training for the Predictive Maintenance Coordinator role is extensive and includes courses such as Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound Training, and Oil Analysis.

Jordan said that his brother, Trace, encouraged him to pursue a career at Logan Aluminum. After working with Fluor for three years, Jordan and Trace were hired on at Logan one month apart from each other.

During the CM4 startup, there were only two team members with years of experience at Logan. With a newly hired, young team, Jordan’s group learned and grew in their roles together. Working five to seven days a week, ten to twelve hours a day, he said that they’d all developed a tight bond. He and his team members enjoy playing golf together when they have the time.

Jordan said a great benefit of working at Logan is the fact that Logan will help you progress your knowledge and advance in your career. Jordan said he was raised to have a strong worth ethic and remembers his granddad telling him, “Can’t never could do nothing”.

“Logan is what you make it. If there’s something you want to pursue or knowledge you want to receive, you can expect full support from the bottom to the top of our organization,” Jordan said. “Logan gives you the opportunity to be the best you want to be.”

Jordan and his fiancé, Dana, have a two-year-old daughter, Iona Grace.